Opinion of Experts on Start of New Era in Real Estate – (Part 6/6)

In our 5th part of “Opinion of Experts on the Start of New Era in Real Estate” blog, we wrote some expert’s opinions where they think -

1- Help needed to provide liquidity

2- There will be increase in walk to work culture

3- The nature of societies will change

4- Market correction expected after lock down

Now let’s continue to know some more opinions of experts of real estate sector [More]

Real Estate - New vs Resale Property - What Home Buyers Prefer?

With so many new residential projects cropping up these days, a new buyer is easily inclined to purchase a fresh piece of property due to a lot of attractive reasons. The secondary real estate market on the other hand has other benefits but its advantages are quite outweighed by the shortcomings. So, it is fading a bit in front of all the new projects. So, what is the reason that buyers prefer new projects over the prospect of getting one on resale? [More]



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