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ARG Group is known amongst the most reputed real estate organizations in Rajasthan. They are in this real estate industry from last 29 years. Mr. Atma Ram Gupta is the chairman of the group, and on his name the group is named as ARG Group. [More]

Top 6 Trending Locations to have a property on rent in Jaipur

Jaipur – being one the few planned cities of India, is developing at rapid pace now. Hence people from all the locations of country are looking for having a property in this Pink City. With easily available commute options and all other neighborhood, Jaipur is becoming a point of attraction for many of the businesses as well. Whereas many people are willing to buy a property in this city, there are so many people as well who want to have a flat or house on rent in Jaipur. [More]

Top 3 Offbeat Places In Jaipur to Buy Flats

It often happens that people tend to get a little bored with the busy city life and want to escape the routine. However a longer drive to a far off place may be temporary but what if you want your refuge to be that way forever. In such a case, a house that sits a little away from the main city yet connected and furnished with all the essentials is the perfect choice. Jaipur is a moderately busy city given its size and population. [More]

Is a Studio Apartment for You or Not?

Studio Apartments are a relatively more recent trend in real estate sector. Studio apartments are small flats that have a common and conjoined kitchen, bedroom and living area, which mean that there are no walls separating the three sections and that is done only by the furniture and appearance. [More]

Top 3 Places in Jaipur for Peaceful Living

While many people look for places that remain very active throughout the day, there are a set of people who like to have their homes in a more peaceful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the markets and traffic. Since Jaipur is a large city with an equally large population, finding the perfect home in a peaceful location can be a challenging task. [More]

Top 4 Places to Buy Flats in Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is a world famous tourist destination. The beautiful city is lately in the news for its booming property market. The reason is the fast-paced development that is taking place in various sectors like business, education, IT, Banking, Healthcare etc. [More]



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