Is a Studio Apartment for You or Not?

Studio Apartments are a relatively more recent trend in real estate sector. Studio apartments are small flats that have a common and conjoined kitchen, bedroom and living area, which mean that there are no walls separating the three sections and that is done only by the furniture and appearance. Studio apartments also known as room kitchen flats have gained popularity in recent times in bigger cities. They are popular among students, working individuals and couples due to their compact nature and allied benefits. However, there are some disadvantages as well owing to the space limitation.

Studio Apartments in Jaipur

So, the question arises whether a studio apartment is for you or not. Let’s see

Why a studio flat?

•    Studio apartments can be termed as a short and sweet version of 1 BHK flats. They are compact yet have every necessary amenity one requires from a home. So if you are an individual either studying or working, then you can have a mini home away from home.

•    Since they are small, they are inexpensive as compared to their full-fledged cousins, the 2, 3, 4 BHK flats. Hence, you can get them at cheaper rates and if you are looking to have one on rent, then the rents are definitely on the lower side.

•    Smaller space means lesser maintenance. Less space means you need to do lesser amount of cleaning which saves time.

•    Most studio apartments are located in areas of high activity such as commercial hubs, active marketplaces etc. This translates to added convenience as you only have to step out and everything you need is at your disposal. Such locations are also well connected by transportation facilities.

•    Since studio flats are low on space, you cannot stuff much in terms of décor, furniture and other items. In a way, it’s good because you end up saving a lot of money.

•    Since studio apartments don’t have sectioning walls in between the different areas, the number of lighting and cooling equipments gets reduced which leads to a lower bill.

•    Due to the above mentioned fact, it feels very airy as well.

Why not a studio apartment?

•    Space is the clear limitation which a studio apartment has. It’s suitable at best for no more than two people at a time. Inviting a third person even for a temporary stay might lead to space issues among themselves. That is why it is recommended only for students or couples. Couples who intend to start a family should not buy one in the first place or move to a bigger flat.

•    People suffering from space problems such as claustrophobia should stay away from a studio apartment. It can lead to anxiety and depression.

•    If you are a home maker, then a studio apartment leaves little scope for décor. The space is so limited that one has to think a lot before adding even a small piece of furniture as it can.

•    It’s not a good place for organizing a party or a get together as things start getting crowded fast and mobility is restricted. It’s best for 4 to 5 people for a small duration of time.

We have weighted both the option, now it is up to you decide which one suits your need.

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