Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Property Listing

Whenever one intends to put up their property on sale, one of the best ways to do it is an internet listing. Online listing is the trend these days as more and more prospective buyers browse the internet for their property requirements.  The most obvious way of listing your property is by placing it on a classified website or better still on dedicated real estate portals.

However, not all listings garner the same amount of views and inquiries. While the general market sentiment and other socio-economic factors play a vital role, there are a few things to remember.  If your property is not getting enough calls or it remains unsold, then there are some measures to be taken. One of the main reasons might be inadequate exposure on an online portal which results in lesser views. The listing may not be attractive enough to lure traffic. In the wake of high competition, it’s important that you pay proper attention to detail and make your listing complete in every aspect.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips for improving the visibility of your listing:

1.    Add Photos


This is the first step to take whenever you list your property. Photos or pictures always add the necessary attraction required to garner buyers. It is common to note that more people tend to click on listings with associated pictures than the ones devoid of it. This is recommended even by the sites themselves. Add relevant pictures that show the most important and lucrative parts of your property. It is recommended to include good quality photographs of kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, terrace etc. You can even include photos of the exterior and the surroundings to give the prospective buyer a wholesome idea.

2.    Video


If photos are the necessity for a good listing, then a video is the icing on the cake. Creating a video tour of your property makes an unforgettable impact on the viewers that is bound to keep them interested. A detailed video improves the visibility on the search engines which brings more traffic to the listings.


Improve Your Property Listing

3.    Promotion on Social Media


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. have become commonplace and a hub for online activity. Hence, it is natural to use these platforms for promoting your listings. Many users remain active on social media most of the time and your listing will definitely catch the attention of any potential buyer.

4.    Reviews


If your property has been leased / rented out in the past, then a testimonial of the previous tenants can be a credible addition to the listing. Ask them to write a review based on their experience. This will make your listing authentic and create a feeling of positivity and trust among the viewers.

5.    Communication


Once you add all the above necessary detailing, you should be ready to receive a lot more inquiries, calls and messages from interested parties. But just getting the hits is not enough as a prompt reply goes a long way in building confidence and gaining advantage over other entries.

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