Top 3 Places in Jaipur for Peaceful Living

While many people look for places that remain very active throughout the day, there are a set of people who like to have their homes in a more peaceful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the markets and traffic. Since Jaipur is a large city with an equally large population, finding the perfect home in a peaceful location can be a challenging task. But the city is not devoid of such places despite the increasing traffic, pedestrians and the markets. Let’s discuss the top 3 places in Jaipur where you can settle in peace in your luxurious and cozy newly purchased flat

1.    Bapu Nagar

Bapu Nagar is located in between the Tonk Road and the JLN Marg overlooking the SMS Stadium on one side and the Birla Mandir on the other. Despite the two above mentioned roads being the main roads in Jaipur with a lot of traffic and the accompanied disturbance, the Bapu Nagar area is a very tranquil place to live in. It is for those people who like being in the middle of the city yet want their residence a little isolated from the busy routines. Bapu Nagar has a very good market and even yoga and naturopathy centres for the health lovers. It has a lot of green cover to compliment its peaceful setting. A lot of flats have come up in the area which offers you a nice view of the city from above and a calm location when you set foot out of it. Flats are available in various options from basic to luxurious. An investment here will ensure that your abode remains a peaceful as well as a profitable one.


Peaceful living places in jaipur

2.    Vaishali Nagar Extension

The Vaishali Nagar Extension, as the name suggests, is an extension of Vaishali Nagar area adjoining the Ajmer-Delhi Expressway. It is thus detached in a way from the main Vaishali Nagar which makes it a peaceful area to buy a flat yet it does have markets, banks, schools to satisfy your daily needs which again make it an ideal place to live. The area has many societies developed by big builders like Manglam Group, SDC etc where you can find your dream home. You can earn a good rental income in case you don’t decide to move in and the future return in the area is likely to be extremely profitable.

3.    Civil Lines

Civil Lines like any other capital city, houses the residences of the CM, Governor and other ministers and officials. It is situated in a central location in the city with the Ajmer Road running along its side. The most striking feature of this area is the greenery and the tranquility that this place provides throughout the day. The central road and the surrounding areas are lined with huge trees that make the whole environment very fresh for nature lovers and joggers. Investment here will be a complete peace of mind for the buyer as this locality is considered a VIP area. Although the rates are high but returns will be extremely good from future prospective.

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