Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Home

The current hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our body and ultimately health, both mental and physical. After spending the majority of time at your workplace, your first thought is to relax and freshen up at home. Our home is not just a place to live in but also a place for leisure, relaxation and rejuvenation. But what if your home doesn’t make you feel fresh after stressful hours at work.  A soothing home environment not only makes you feel happy and satisfied but also leads to growth of new ideas and constructive thinking.



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Let us take a look at how one can make their home a stress busting place


1. Keep it clean and organized:


A clean, organized and systematic space is always more pleasing to the eye than a cluttered one. This is the first and foremost advice to keep your home a stress free zone. Regularly clean your apartment, organize your clothing to put them in place and take care of littered stuff. Keeping things in order helps to create a very positive impact once you enter the home. Also remove any unnecessary piece of furniture that is overburdening the space.


2. Natural Light and air:


There is nothing more refreshing than rays of natural light entering your home at dawn and dusk. Keep the windows open at crucial times like in the morning and evening to experience the bliss of nature. Cool breeze also has a very rejuvenating effect on the mind and helps to bring in a lot of positive energy. Choose curtains that are lighter and allow more light into the room all day.


3. Greenery:


Plants and trees act as natural stress busters for the human body. Their presence and smell is enough to fill you with new spurts of energy. Hence strive for a small garden in your home with some hedges, a couple of shady trees and potted plants and flowers where you can spend your evenings or have a morning stroll. In case you live in a flat, opt for indoor potted plants and arrange them on the window sill or in a corner. This will make you feel better every time you are stressed out.


4. Water features:


Water imparts peace and tranquility to the mind and body. The presence of a water feature is an excellent way of reducing fatigue and adding calmness to the ambience. Opt for compact water fountains or pots which can fit in your bedroom or living room area of your flat. You can also go for small aquarium to add a soothing effect. Pair them up with subtle mood lights to accentuate the appeal.


5. Lighting and smell:


Lighting plays an important role in deciding the mood of a person. Add dim multi colored lights along the walls of the living room of your studio apartment to make for a serene environment. Or place key lights over paintings along the entrance to welcome and freshen you up when you arrive. The aroma of a particular place can have healing and relaxing effects on your mind, body and soul. Spray your home with natural fragrances or any other soothing aroma.

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