Home Insurance —A Shield For Your Home

As a house owner, taking insurance is a smart way to safeguard your property and living rights against uninvited calamities. The moment you decide to invest in a house, always pick a reliable home insurance provider with affordable premium rates.



Home Insurance



Why take a Home Insurance ?

Just like a regular insurance policy cover, your House Insurance package will cover the status of your house against environmental disaster or accidents. It automatically upgrades your property into an appreciated asset. The moment you decide to renovate your house due to evident cracks and faults, the Home Insurance will surely come handy.

Features covered in Home Insurance

>   Liability coverage and property insurance
>   Expenses for restoration of the property
>   Cost incurred in the form of damage due to floods, war, termites and fire
>   Room-specific coverage and safety - Kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio/terrace and outdoor living area


Home Insurance and its benefits

Home Insurance covers extensive damage and expenses incurred in restoring the property to its agreed principal value. Here are 5 unchallenged benefits of taking insurance for your house.


1    Freedom from all type of damages

If your property gets damaged due to kitchen fire, the new mandate in the insurance policy allows the owner to claim compensation from the firm.


2    Tech-specific upgrades

If you have availed protection from fire in your house, the firm will have to bear the cost of anti-fire system and the fire mitigation system. Installation of fire alarms, water sprinklers and other technologies will be carried out by the insurance firm to combat fire.
If your house gets damaged even with such high-end fire-fighting systems, the owner is liable for higher compensation.


3    Damage cover from falling debris, cracking walls and leaking pipes

The home-owners insurance policy gives the client complete protection and freedom in choosing the package required to cover the cost incurred due to foundational damages, fall ceiling and wall collapse. In some cases, you can even cover damage due to electrical faults, power loss and burst pipe lines.


4    Claim compensation for non-resident members

This is especially true for joint families where some members may not be living in the residence due to personal reasons. If there is damage to their personal property, the Home Insurance covers the entire cost. Such features in the insurance policy encourage first-time buyers to invest in all-member coverage package.


Tips on making an insurance policy


>  Always check if the building and hence your flat is already covered in the society’s insurance policy. Depending on the extent of cover, you can select your own cover policy for the individual apartment.

>  Always buy a home insurance policy that gives you total coverage—living space, the contents inside the house and the residents.

>  Add frill-free features into your package - Burglary protection, earthquake cover, landslide protection, rioting and arson safety.

>  The Home Insurance may also cover damages incurred due to unprovoked events — neighbourhood fights, war and nuclear catastrophe.


Avoid buying unnecessary add-on covers, and check claim settlement ratio with best pricing trends available online.

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