5 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

With ever increasing population and the need for affordable housing on the rise, the size of most apartments are shrinking. Compact flats in 1 or 2 BHK configurations are becoming the norm especially in metro and other big cities. While this has led to more efficient design approach being taken and utilizing space to the maximum, the size of the rooms remains limited.


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Your bedroom is one such place where you want to relax in peace and gain solace after the day’s work. If you are living in a small 1, 2 BHK flat, the diminutive size of the bedroom might make you feel oppressed while it should be the other way round. Hence, it is extremely important to design a bedroom in such a way that it appears airy and larger than it actually is. From selecting the right paint scheme to some helpful décor, here we are giving you some tips to make your small bedroom a soothing retreat -

1.   Organized room

If you want to make your bedroom appear larger, then you should aim for a clutter free arrangement. People often put too much furniture or décor items in the room which makes it feel overcrowded and claustrophobic. Arrange the furniture and décor in such a way that path for movement always remain clear.

2.    Light Color Scheme

Smaller rooms should always make use of lighter paint tones to make the ambience bright and bigger. Darker shades look very rich and good but only when the room size is big enough. White is the best colour for enhancing the size of a room and looks really great in the bedroom. Matching the light paint on the walls with white or similarly colored flooring will magnify the overall feel of your bedroom.

3.    Use mirrors/glossy surfaces

Mirrors can help make your bedroom much bigger because of the reflection power. Using mirror on a headboard, on wardrobe panels or on opposite wall faces will create an illusion of twice the size of the actual room. While you won’t get any extra space, the feel is enough to help you relax and enjoy your naps. Use of glossy finish on wardrobe panels will add to the effect of the mirrors.

4.    Big Windows

The room will appear bigger if maximum amount of natural light is allowed into it. Thus windows play an important role here. A couple of big windows can light up your bedroom nicely and give it that ‘big’ feel. Also natural light from the windows will bounce off the glossy materials that you have used and lead to a beautiful play of colors.

5.    Sleek Décor

Selecting the right décor is also important for small bedrooms. Large and unwieldy looking sculptures should be strictly avoided as they overpower the space and can restrict movement as well. Choose sleek décor items that make the bedroom look attractive while saving on space. Floating shelves are fantastic for keeping books and other showpieces. They look very chic and free up the precious floor space. Instead of choosing one large painting, arrange a number of small ones in a matrix.

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