Importance of Completion Certificate in Real Estate Market

Before a residential project is sold to a buyer, the builder or developer must get a nod from the official authorities. This nod is in the form of various documents that must be approved by the authorities and act as a seal of completion given to the developer. One of the first things to be approved is a layout plan according to which the construction is to be carried out. Post construction, a local authority issues a ‘Completion Certificate’ to the developer after going through the project. A completion certificate ensures that the developer has completed the construction as per the norms in the approved layout plan.


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Let’s take a detailed look at the importance of a completion certificate and what to do in case it is not issued by the builder.


Understanding the completion certificate


The completion certificate is an official document deemed mandatory by the governmental authorities for any kind of residential, commercial or industrial project. The government has set certain safety and infrastructural norms which must be followed by any developer. The completion certificate is awarded if the above set norms are adhered to by the property being developed. The official conduct a survey in which each parameter is carefully taken into account before the certificate is issued.


Importance of a completion certificate

 - A completion certificate guarantees that the construction is done as per the layout plan. Since the layout plan is approved by the local development authority, it gives peace of mind to the buyer.

- Completion certificate also signifies that the basic amenities required for a project such water, electricity, drainage etc are proper and as per the government set rules. This again is very important for a buyer of a residential project

- A developer cannot register his/her project to any buyer unless a completion certificate is obtained. If this is the case, then the developer is clearly violating the rules and regulations of a project whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.

- If a completion certificate is not obtained on time, then there might be delay in project completion which will eventually lead to a delay in possession.

- In case a completion certificate is not provided by the builder at all even after possession, then the residents can get into trouble. As the local authorities may demand the certificate and can lead to evacuation of the residents until the document is shown to them.


What can the buyer do?


Buyers should ask the developer for the completion certificate well in advance before the project gets completed. Awareness on the part of the buyer increases pressure on the builder to obtain the certificate. If the builder tries to talk you out of this, do not get fooled. Even after insisting, if the builder doesn’t provide the certificate you can move the issuing authority which will take action against the builder. In the worst case scenario, that the builder fails to provide you a valid completion certificate after possession of your flat, here’s what you can do. You can form an association with the other residents and approach the authority, which will then conduct an audit and provide the certificate.

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