Top 3 Offbeat Places In Jaipur to Buy Flats

It often happens that people tend to get a little bored with the busy city life and want to escape the routine. However a longer drive to a far off place may be temporary but what if you want your refuge to be that way forever. In such a case, a house that sits a little away from the main city yet connected and furnished with all the essentials is the perfect choice. Jaipur is a moderately busy city given its size and population. The central city is as busy as it can get in peak hours. However, there are certain areas where you can get a slightly isolated home where the population is less and the pace of life is very relaxed. Let us take a look at top 3 offbeat places in Jaipur to buy flats.



Top 3 Places for Flats in Jaipur



1. Jagatpura


Although Jagatpura sits adjacent to Malviya Nagar, which is a very active area, it still is not as populated and exudes an off city charm. It sits to the south and east of the majestic Aravali ranges that lines a part of the Pink City. Jagatpura was basically agricultural land that now caters to the population because of its pleasant environment. The area has a lot universities and colleges. Buying a flat in Jagatpura can be a rewarding experience both for the settlers as well as the investors. Those who choose to settle down can experience an offbeat city life and investors can reap the benefits of the flats as a lot of college students are always on the lookout for rented apartments.


2. Patrakar Colony


Patrakar Colony lies just to the west of Mansarovar area, the biggest residential area of Jaipur. It is an extension of Mansarovar and lies on the New Sanganer Road Bypass connecting the regions of Sanganer, Mansarovar and adjoining areas to the Ajmer-Delhi Expressway. Patrakar Colony is a highly approachable location. Besides, the rates of property are low in this area and flats from all the major builders are available. Flats are equipped with all the necessary amenities. You can easily get 1, 2, 3, 4 BHK flats at an affordable price. If you want a home in an off city location but there are budget constraints then Patrakar Colony should be on your radar.


3- Sirsi Road


Sirsi Road connects the city of Jaipur to the village of Sirsi which lies just west of Jaipur. Sirsi Road has seen vast development in the recent years due to the interest shown by both investors and buyers to have a property a little off from the main city. Due to its proximity with the Sirsi village it exhibits a village like ambiance which is instantly felt once you enter the area. Traffic is less and population is spread in groups with green fields filling the space in between completing the necessary backdrop for a perfect offbeat home location. Major builders have come with apartments here with every possible amenity to cater to the needs of its occupants. The area has banks, schools and few village theme resorts and hotels as well.


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