Top 4 Hot and Happening Places for Real Estate Investment in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city full of life and colors and it is the different area in the city that keeps it lively. We humans love to gather, chat, party and enjoy ourselves on numerous occasions. It is the reason that we keep searching for places with a lot of activities to keep ourselves entertained. Owning a house in a location that is filled with such a hustle bustle is a dream of many. Jaipur has plenty of such areas where one would be tempted to own a property. Let’s take a look at the top 4 most happening places in Jaipur.


Real Estate Investment in Jaipur


1    JLN Marg


JLN Marg or the Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg is a famous road that runs almost straight from the historic Albert Hall Museum to the beautiful Jawahar Circle.  Buildings, structure and institutions such as the Birla Mandir, Rajasthan University and the MNIT lie along this road. Besides a lot of famous and massive malls, restaurants and offices were erected along the road and thus make it an attractive and flavorful place. Investors are guaranteed to gain a very healthy return from the property in this place. Believe us, having a beautiful flat at such a location will add colors to life.

2    Malviya Nagar


Malviya Nagar is large area that lies just off a part of the JLN Marg. It is chiefly a residential but has grown into a commercial cum entertainment hub over the course of years. As a result of which every piece of land in this area has gained significant weight which is a very good sign for the property owners. Malviya Nagar attracts huge amounts of crowd on an everyday basis from all over the city due to the presence of a lot of malls. Apart from that major offices have also been set up here. A property here can reward you with excellent income as furnished rented houses are always in demand.


3    Raja Park


Raja Park is known for its extravagant markets and food outlets. It is these that keep the whole environment of this area exuberant and sprightly. Owning a flat here means an engaging lifestyle for the owner. From an investment point of view too, it is a worthwhile investment as the property rates always remain high at the time of selling.

4    Ajmer Road


Ajmer Road connects Ajmer and Jaipur through the National Highway 8 (NH 8) but is also a major city road that has a lot of socio-economic significance. It is also one of the most happening places in Jaipur. One of the main reasons is the superb connectivity that it offers to the other parts both through the elevated road and the metro. Apart from that it has a plethora of residential as well as official buildings, showrooms, stores, restaurants, hotels, eateries and multiplexes to keep the citizens busy and entertained. A property along this road has enormous value and will fetch very high rental and saleable rates.

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