Opinion of Experts on Start of New Era in Real Estate – (Part 2/6)

In our 1st part of “Opinion of Experts on the Start of New Era in Real Estate” blog, we wrote some expert’s opinions where they think-


1- Real estate is the only place for a better investment


2- There will be a change in product cost, demand will increase


3- Now the trend of owning a house will increase



Opinion of Experts on the Start of New Era in Real Estate – Part 2 of 6



Now let’s continue to know some more opinions of experts of real estate sector -




This is the right time for property buying


The trust of buyers will have to be won. EMI is lowest right now. The booking amount is still very low. In a sense, this is the right time for purchase. The ready projects are more likely to generate good demand.


Nagarmal Agarwal, CMD, Mojika Group



Affordable housing rules need to be changed


Affordable Housing is the highest employment sector in real estate. The discrepancy is that due to the rules of construction on the big plot itself, the appearance of affordable housing is visible only after going away from the city. If the rules are changed then common man will get benefit.


Vinay Joshi, Chairman, RAHDA



The attraction of government concessions will increase


The attractiveness of the government-run housing schemes and the concessions being given in them will increase further. The Prime Minister has made several concessions recently, which is going to continue. Customers should also get their benefits.


Ravindra Singh Thakkar, Director, UDB Group



Central - State rules will also change


The new era of real estate will also bring changes in many rules. In such a situation, there will be changes in the center and state guidelines. There are many rules that must be changed. It is necessary to increase the tax exemption of Rs. 1.50 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh and increase the existing rebate in housing loan payments from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh in 80C of income tax.


Aatmaram Gupta, Chairman ARG Group



These are the views of some of the known figures of real estate sector of Rajasthan. Please keep in touch to know some more opinions on the Start of New Era in Real Estate in our next part.


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