Navratri – 2018: Office – A Place to Think, Create, Achieve and Grow | 9 Days of Prosperity – 9 Types of Property

As we all are aware with the fact our success depends on what we do. And it becomes very important when we want to earn what we desire for development of our family and our country. Hence having an good office is somewhere as important as having a good home. And when it comes to search an office at some of the most prominent locations of Jaipur, you can always rely upon consultancy services of Jaipur’s the most trusted real estate consultant – [More]

Navratri – 2018: Go For Pre-Leased Property, If You Want Immediate Returns on Your Investments | 9 Days of Prosperity – 9 Types of Property

In this festive season, where everyone is expecting to buy something new for own purpose or to gift someone else; it’s always a good idea to invest in something which can give you returns on your investments. And if you are among those who can’t wait for the returns on investments, then Pre-leased properties can be very good option to invest upon. [More]

Navratri – 2018: Plant Your Success with an Agriculture Land | 9 Days of Prosperity – 9 Types of Property

India – the nation of farmers, and being an Indian we all have a special corners in our hearts for the agriculture, don’t we? In this Navratri festival season, where everyone is looking for having a new home or work premises, we thought that some investors or aspiring farmers will be definitely looking for agriculture lands as well. [More]

Navratri – 2018 : Homes are for a life-time; built it the way you want | 9 Days of Prosperity – 9 Types of Property

Buying a plot has become a premium thing to do nowadays especially in big cities like Jaipur, Delhi/NCR and other metro cities. It is because, people still tag ‘having an own plot’ as status symbol. People generally tend to own a residential land because homes are for a life time and they want to build it the way they want. [More]

8 things that RERA will change in real estate industry of India

From 01 August 2017, Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) will be in Act. By this act, builders won’t be able to book any unit in their Pre-launch Real Estate Project. They can’t even advertise any under-construction project without its registration under RERA. Hence by this Act, any property buyer won’t get cheated by any builder / promoter or agent. [More]

Top 6 Smart things to do immediately after Buying a Property

Buying a house is a big milestone in life, especially if you intend to use it for yourself. However, the excitement of owning a real estate property can soon disappear if you fail to verify certain things. Here is a list of 6 critically smart things to do immediately after registering a property against your name. [More]

Importance of Completion Certificate in Real Estate Market

Before a residential project is sold to a buyer, the builder or developer must get a nod from the official authorities. This nod is in the form of various documents that must be approved by the authorities and act as a seal of completion given to the developer. One of the first things to be approved is a layout plan according to which the construction is to be carried out. Post construction, a local authority issues a ‘Completion Certificate’ to the developer after going through the project. [More]



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