Opinion of Experts on Start of New Era in Real Estate – (Part 5/6)

In our 4th part of “Opinion of Experts on the Start of New Era in Real Estate” blog, we wrote some expert’s opinions where they think -


1- Social awareness will increase


2- There will always be a demand for convenience flats


3- Demand for good facilities will increase with homes



Opinion of Experts on the Start of New Era in Real Estate – Part 5/6



Now let’s continue to know some more opinions of experts of real estate sector -



Help needed to provide liquidity


Govt. providing liquidity to companies will help them move forward in this phase. All banks and NBFCs should come forward in this matter. Economy will benefit from this.


Vivek Chordia, Director – Chordiya Group




There will be increase in walk to work culture


The concepts of walk-to-work and walk-to-school will be there in coming future. We have to live in the virtual world along with the actual world. Offerings will also change now. There will be more emphasis on safety and health. Affordable houses are not small, they are also equipped with facilities.


Kamal Sethia, Chairman Vardhman Group




The nature of societies will change


Features like Proper Ventilation, Wider Balcony, Single Entry and Single exit will be in demand in the coming times. The nature of entire housing societies will change. Medical facility can now be the main feature in new projects.


Anil Gupta, Director Aashadeep Group




Market correction expected after lock down


Sale will increase after lock down and in this way property market improvement is expected. The investor here is secure. Now, when 1000 companies are expected to come here from outside India, there is sure to be a boom in real estate which will come in both residential and commercial.


Shayar Singh Shekhawat, Founder & MD Rudra Group



These are the views of some of the known figures of real estate sector of Rajasthan. Please keep in touch to know some more opinions on the Start of New Era in Real Estate in our next part.


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