Home Insurance —A Shield For Your Home

As a house owner, taking insurance is a smart way to safeguard your property and living rights against uninvited calamities. The moment you decide to invest in a house, always pick a reliable home insurance provider with affordable premium rates. [More]

Owning A Rental Property - Merits and De-Merits

Rental property has become extremely popular in urban landscapes due to the lucrative source of income they provide. Owning an apartment or home apart from the one that you reside in gives you the flexibility to put your additional property up for rent. [More]

Top 6 Smart things to do immediately after Buying a Property

Buying a house is a big milestone in life, especially if you intend to use it for yourself. However, the excitement of owning a real estate property can soon disappear if you fail to verify certain things. Here is a list of 6 critically smart things to do immediately after registering a property against your name. [More]

Importance of Completion Certificate in Real Estate Market

Before a residential project is sold to a buyer, the builder or developer must get a nod from the official authorities. This nod is in the form of various documents that must be approved by the authorities and act as a seal of completion given to the developer. One of the first things to be approved is a layout plan according to which the construction is to be carried out. Post construction, a local authority issues a ‘Completion Certificate’ to the developer after going through the project. [More]

Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Home

The current hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our body and ultimately health, both mental and physical. After spending the majority of time at your workplace, your first thought is to relax and freshen up at home. Our home is not just a place to live in but also a place for leisure, relaxation and rejuvenation. [More]

5 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

With ever increasing population and the need for affordable housing on the rise, the size of most apartments are shrinking. Compact flats in 1 or 2 BHK configurations are becoming the norm especially in metro and other big cities. While this has led to more efficient design approach being taken and utilizing space to the maximum, the size of the rooms remains limited. [More]

Real Estate - New vs Resale Property - What Home Buyers Prefer?

With so many new residential projects cropping up these days, a new buyer is easily inclined to purchase a fresh piece of property due to a lot of attractive reasons. The secondary real estate market on the other hand has other benefits but its advantages are quite outweighed by the shortcomings. So, it is fading a bit in front of all the new projects. So, what is the reason that buyers prefer new projects over the prospect of getting one on resale? [More]

Is a Studio Apartment for You or Not?

Studio Apartments are a relatively more recent trend in real estate sector. Studio apartments are small flats that have a common and conjoined kitchen, bedroom and living area, which mean that there are no walls separating the three sections and that is done only by the furniture and appearance. [More]



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